Pete Morris -
Team ASL
2018 ESCA Senior BAR Winner
Lisa Davis -
Lewes Wanderers
2018 ESCA Lady & Vet BAR Winner
David Clark - Eastbourne Rovers
2018 ESCA Veteran BAR Winner
Howard Shaw - Eastbourne Rovers
2018 ESCA Points Winner

Welcome to the East Sussex Cycling Association

Here you will find everything you need to know about our association including time trialling events in East Sussex. Whether you want to ride an open event, look up the route of a course, see the results sheet for an event, or check on competition standings or records, then you should find everything here.

Upcoming events...

The ESCA Reliability Trial

Sunday 17 November 2019
Organised again by Paul Hulse of Brighton Mitre

Entry Fee: £5.00
Closing Date: Saturday 9th November 2019

ESCA Reliability Shield

The 2019 Reliability Trial for the ESCA Rally Shield will be held over a 50 mile course, with the start and finish at the East Hoathly Sports Pavilion, London Road, East Hoathly, East Sussex BN8 6QE.

To enter, simply click one of the three options below:

Groups of no more than 15 riders go off at 5 minute intervals to complete the course in the time declared. Please note that if there are a high number of entries in Event A it might be necessary to have a later starting time for Event B and Event C as keeping group sizes to no more than 15 must take priority.

The ESCA club with the highest combined number of successful finishers from all three events will hold the Rally Shield for one year. In the event of a tie, the club with the largest number of successful finishers in Event B and C will be declared the winner. The Rally Shield will be presented to the winning club at the ESCA prize presentation.

The route can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Ride with GPS:

For more information:


Tuesday 12 November