ESCA Reliability Shield

The ESCA Reliability Trial

The ESCA Reliability Trial was introduced in 1985 by Charles Robson. The association members have done battle since for the Reliability Trial Shield.

ESCA Reliability Shield
2018 Winners - Eastbourne Rovers

ESCA Reliability Trial Winners

What is a Reliability Trial?

Reliability Trials are, like Audax events, not races, but rather long distance rides which emphasise fitness, self reliance and navigational skills.

How Reliable a cyclist are you?

  • Fitness – Do you think you are fit enough to complete the course in your sellectd time?

  • Self Reliance – Are your skills, equipment & machine reliable enough to deal with any mechanical or climatic conditions which could occur on the day?

  • Navigational Skills – Can you successfully navigate the course, passing through all the required controls using the directions provided?

The proof of a reliable cyclist, in the spirit of Reliability Trials is someone who can answer yes to the above 3 questions!

A reliable cyclist is not someone who trains numerous times before the event on a pre-published route. Neither is it someone who follows their handlebar mounted satellite navigation system around a way-marked route on the day of the event (there are plenty of sportives throughout the year for cyclists who want to do that).

Mick Burgess with the ESCA Trophies